Equipments and Instruments

We are providing cost effective, precise but robust Equipment’s and Instruments, using a unique combination of analytical capabilities, instrumentation and technical expertise with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance for Equipment’s and Instruments as per requirement. We at Druja Chem Pvt Ltd and its associates or channel partners strive to provide solutions in a timely manner with adamant commitment to quality, reliability and with utmost Efficiency. We also undertake AMC and Calibration of equipment’s (Any Make)

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  1. Sterility Test units
  2. Polarimeter, Bomb Colorimeter
  3. Spectrophotometer (UV-Visible Single beam , UV-Visible double beam, Visible)
  4. Electrophoresis Apparatus (vertical and horizontal models)
  5. Flame photometer
  6. Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer
  7. Melting Point Apparatus , Refractometer
  8. Microscopes etc.